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Wonderland – a fictional location, where all sorts of wondrous creatures live. Hatter is hosting another of his extravagant tea parties and guests Ches, Dee and Dum are already there eating his tasty treats. This will be Alice’s fourth attempt returning to Wonderland (the third visit she never actually came to the tea party). However, this time Wonderland isn’t the same anymore. The tea party has become dark and disturbed, void of colour. Hatter heads the table, like a puppet master who controls his guests. Wondered has been written with the intention that both Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass have taken place.


  • Original Title
  • local
  • Cast
  • The cast consists of 5 characters. Mad Hatter, Alice, Dee and Dum and Ches the cat
  • Genre
  • Theatre
  • Consumer Advice
  • live theater
  • Country of Origin
  • australia

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